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Quick And To-The-Point Book Reviews (by Daniel Thomas)

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

How To Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie

Eat Right For Your Blood Type - D'Adamo

Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham

Common Stocks And Uncommon People - Phillip Fisher

Hold Em Poker - David Skalansky

The E-Myth Revisited - Michael Gerber

A Random Walk Down Wall Street - Burton Malkiel

Spark - Ratey & Hagerman

Super System - Doyle Brunson

Ben Hogan's 5 Lessons - Ben Hogan

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Daniel Thomas:  Jack of all Trades, master of quite a bit -- failure of even more -- YET STINGY WITH NOTHING!

Ahhhhh....the journey of life!  A few decades ago I (Daniel Thomas) was born into a life considered "disadvantaged" by common American standards, yet interpreted as "fortunate" by billions of others around the globe.  Though I haven't seen all these billions of people first hand, what I have seen in my travels to China, Mexico, Jamaica -- and even various parts of the U.S. -- have solidified this reality to me.

I have been privileged - blessed I like to think - with a very diverse set of experiences over the years (and counting!): educational, social, employment/career, athletic, business, minority/majority, welfare, riches, injury, hardship, health, family, military, failures, successes ....religion... and so much to talk about in between!

When you're born with "nothing," you inherently want to do, and try, everything!  And believe me -- I've done, and/or tried, much more than you're probably thinking!  I still have a very (VERY) long way to go, but my experiences - and subsequent wisdom gained - would be useless (and wasteful) if I hoarded it all to myself.

Use this website as a tool to find clarity, conduct research, view an external opinion, "fix" your business/relationship/health.  Use it to answer questions, facilitate decisions, to validate your rational, as a support mechanism, and so on...  There are, of course, dimensions of life I have vast amounts of experience in, and then there are other areas of which I lack in-depth experience (if any at all).  My advice, recommendations, experiences, and testimony -- if ever touched upon -- will always reflect a transparent version of the truth, from MY perspective, and personal experience(s) therein.  Having said that, my reality is not everybody's reality, so please compare what you find within my blurbs to that of others, and make rational and logical decisions as a consequence thereafter.

We'd be fooling ourselves to think that one person, regardless of their "clout" and/or "credibility, has 100% of the answers we need.  The rational truth is quite the contrary.  A collection of diverse perspectives, experiences, and opinions are attributes that make us unique as human beings.  Just try to avoid falling into the trap of seeking only those who share your values/knowledge, because it is THAT mentality which will shackle you to the past, and prevent your most bountiful future moving forward.

There is so much free information embedded within these pages, that I'm confident you'll find answers to many of your questions.  If you can't find something you need, however, and/or would like my opinion on a particular product/service (*or you disagree with anything I've written) -- by all means -- please reach out.  I'm a very transparent guy, easy to work with, and promise to do my best to get things headed in the right direction.

Finally:  Though I'm always willing to offer free advice, there are some demands on my time that will necessitate appropriate fees.   If you need a professional business or marketing plan, want me to visit your company, would like me to speak at your event, and/or much of the like -- we can work out an appropriate fee for my services.  My ultimate goal is to wake up each day, and walk away from every experience, having somehow made things "better" for the world we live in.  Of course there is always (conceivably) a "better" way, but I firmly beleive that every experience -- even when that experience may be deemed a "failure" -- is valuable toward anyone's ultimate goals of living a fruitful life.

In any case, if there's something you'd like to talk about -- contact me!  With, or without me, YOU will do well; so long as you don't fear success, or failure, along the way!


Contact Daniel Thomas

I want to hear from you!  Please feel open to post your comments, where applicable, within the various pages on this site.  And if there's something in particular that you need, click the button and tell me what's on your mind!